Julia Wager

Thoroughbred  (AP/12), 


Bronze Sculpture

48 x 55 x 26 cm (18.90 x 21.65 x 10.24 in)

2647 / JWA001

£7,950 or ten instalments of £795








Making Artwork Accessible


It’s no surprise that in 2020 there was a major shift towards the sale of artwork online. The pandemic changed the way the art world interacted with their audiences. Galleries closed their doors and moved into the digital domain with online exhibitions and augmented reality tours.


This shift opened the door to a much wider audience base and moved beyond the traditional, less inclusive, structures. Suddenly everyone had access to the likes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, via augmented reality or the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea via their online portal.


Owning artwork has become much more accessible due to this shift in access. More and more people are buying artwork to enjoy. One of our main objectives at Bils & Rye is to make art more accessible, and to this end, we have partnered with Art Money to help you own the art you love.


Removing Barriers to Owning Works of Art


In 2017 Creativehub surveyed 10,000 internet users to find out what motivated them to buy art online. The results made it clear that one of the biggest barriers to purchasing art was affordability, with 60% of potential buyers citing this as their main reason for not buying artwork.  


This is where Art Money can help. They offer interest-free financing with 10 payments spread over 10 months, providing you with an immediate and affordable way to buy the art you want. A 10% deposit allows you to take the artwork home straight away whilst you pay the remaining balance.


Buying The Art you Love in Four Easy Steps


A quick visit to the Art Money website and you can be set up and ready to buy your favourite piece of art in minutes.


Step 1: Create an account
Visit www.artmoney.com where you can set up your account in no time at all.


Step 2: Apply for credit
It takes 5 minutes to apply for credit and you will receive approval in real-time.


Step 3: Find it
Visit our website and find the artwork you wish to buy or visit our gallery and speak to one of our experts in-house. 

Joanne Tinker

Champagne Chairs! 


Mixed Media

100 x 100 x 5 cm (39.37 x 39.37 x 1.97 in)

2588 / JT017

£6,960 or 10 instalments of £696









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Unit 4, Regent House
John Street
Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 1JX
United Kingdom
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