Brilliance In Bronze

A celebration of all things bronze!

A few weeks into our latest show 'Brilliance In Bronze' and the feedback has been wonderful. Works from Simon Gudgeon, Helen Sinclair, Rachel Ducker, Damon Price, Rose Eva, Stephen Page, Thomas Joynes, Brendon Murless, Jack Eagan and Wendy Freestone show the strength and depth of bronze works in the UK. 


Stephen Page Rhino


The foundry work is of an extraordinary quality and the patinations so varied and expertly completed that we are sure there is something for everyone. With prices starting from £250 for a small Stephen Page animal, like the Rhino depicted above and rising to £19,950 for one of Simon Gudgeon's medium sized pieces shown below.


Simon Gudgeon - Geranos


The works are complemented by 2d works around the gallery along with many of our wonderful ceramics and sculptures in other materials such as copper, wire, stone and acrylic.


Each artist approach their chosen subject matter with a clarity of thought and many years of experience to perfect their finished works. The unwritten rule being you are paying for not just the time to make each item but the time it took be able to achieve the required standards.


Bronze has never been so popular as a medium, perhaps because of the turmoil that the global and local politics has created. It seems to be a stronger medium than the precious metals much vaunted for so many centuries! All we can say is long may it continue and it is a joy to work surrounded by so much incredible beauty!


Kate & Nick Bentley - Bils & Rye Gallery, North Yorkshire

October 17, 2019