Tricia Thom

Tricia makes wheel-thrown porcelain pots that are then slip decorated and glazed. Her work encapsulates her love of the process of making, and of the natural environment. She captures fleeting glimpses of landscapes while moving through them. The work is an expression of her journeys through place and time, suggesting a fluidity of movement in the way that we experience our environment.


Central to her practice is the opportunity that clay offers to integrate the elements of form and surface in an intuitive way.


She studied ceramics at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen then worked in the ceramics industry, making and decorating pots in a production pottery in the Highlands. She went on to train as a teacher and taught art and ceramics in schools and colleges, while at the same time, making her own range of ceramics. After a break from her ceramics practice to focus on family life, Tricia has returned to making and is continuing to develop her work.


She has been a resident artist at the Adam Pottery, Edinburgh since 2013. She also works from her new home studio and teaches in and around the Edinburgh area.