Sally Bertram

Sally hand-builds sculptural and functional ceramic vessels. Her work centres around material and the vessel form. She is inspired by the material itself, especially the way the clay is able to capture the movements and actions of the making process and make them tangible and solid.


Using slabs of clay which Sally marks and manipulates, she aims to create vessels that have character and physicality and that accentuate the natural material properties of the clay, its malleability, weight and texture.


Sally graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2011 with a degree in ceramics but despite her enthusiasm for the subject she was unsure how to bridge the gap between student maker and professional artist.


Following a year of procrastinating and making part-time Sally was lucky enough to be accepted onto the Starter Studio Programme for early career ceramicists run by Yorkshire Artspace. The programme was essential for her development as it gave her access to great studio facilities at a reduced cost, as well as mentoring, (by Susan Disley) and access to a professional development course that looked at the tricky issues such as branding, marketing and pricing.

With the confidence and knowledge that he time on the programme gave her, Sally has now set herself up as a professional maker, based from a new studio in West Wales.