Ali Herbert

Ceramic collections for daily use and limited editions of individual pieces that explore a new Modernist genre of vessels that focus on a simple form. All of Ali's ceramics use high-fired stoneware clay and are fired in a reduction gas kiln.


Ali’s pots are plainly decorated with matt or satin glazes, often speckled with iron spots that are pulled through the glaze during the reduction firing. She prefers to work with minimally refined clay which produces a more dynamic product as its variation is responsive to glaze materials and the firing process, qualities that are responsible for those freckles and rich colours. Forms evolve from the old containers and tools and pots from an early industrial age or rural artifacts that are now preserved in museum collections. These are shapes Ali likes to revisit to find her own personal interpretation. They form an exploration of the vessel which follows some focused themes - like ovals and pancheon shapes and tall straight bottles, This is a measured approach to making – the individual work compliments the flow of tableware production, with repeat wares that become familiar and trademark shapes in the collection.