Emma Hiles

Emma lives in Whitchurch Hampshire surrounded by beautiful countryside and grew up in Christchurch Dorset by the sea. 


Her job is a holographic Designer, designing Holograms on banknotes and passports which is a very intricate job. When Emma is not designing money she is running a very busy household of 4. With 2 (almost) teenage kids and a husband who works long hours in London the house rarely stops!


Four years ago Emma decided she wanted to do something creative for herself and decided to explore clay.


As a starting point she signed up as a student potter in my local town just a few hours a week. Emma started with porcelain and throwing and loved it instantly. She now has a studio in her home and use all types of clay and glaze to experiment.


One of these experiments became the Bombay Bowls. She lives a mile away from from the Bombay Sapphire gin distillery and quickly realised the blue turquoise glass was an incredible resource for her work.  She uses speckled clay to hand build the bowls, glaze them and fire them with the glass to produce the effect. Opening the kiln is a favourite activiry, as not one piece ever comes out the same. 


One of her favourite places in the world is Greece and the beautiful clear water which is one of my biggest inspiration.