Tom Hiscocks

Tom is interested in the parallel experiences of constancy and change. “I have a sense of constancy in my being, and yet I am always changing – learning, growing, feeling – and I experience the same in all things. It seems to be the way of nature. My work is an attempt to reflect this essential nature of things. To create a form that is constant, but which also changes as the viewer engages with it, or as the context of the work changes. Rather as I may feel changed depending on who I am with or where I am”.

Tom was educated at the Slade Art School summer school (Foundation 2009) and the Ruskin Art School in Cambridge (2010 – 2013). He graduated from the Ruskin with a first class degree (BA Fine Art) and as winner of the Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize. Since then he has sold work in the UK, Europe and America. He lives and works in Wiltshire, UK.