I enjoy seeing my work in a variety of media, colours and finishes.   This enables the same piece to be enjoyed in different ways.  Each work shown on the website can be made individually in a range of different medium and finishes.  For example, the bronze torso has been recast in red and white resin and the female white torso in off-white resin and leather.  

To suit individual tastes, the following options are available:

• Bronze: with a wide range of patinas.

• Resin: finishes in my existing portfolio include graphite and bronze/copper.  Other resins are available.    

• Mixed finishes: as appropriate works can be in a variety of finishes eg in leather and resin finishes.  

• Colours and patinas: each piece can be finished to a colour or patina to suit individual tastes, working with me together with my foundry partners.

• Finishes: can be made to fit the context of where each piece will sit eg indoors or outdoors.  

• Bases: I use original marble bases.  Colours vary depending on the medium used and finish.  Wood is also used.