Veronique Paquereau

Born in 1965 in Lorient, French artist Véronique Paquereau lives and works in Nantes, France. Her work offers mixed, eclectic and individual approach. Born into a family with a long history of print making, she developed a style steeped in the methods of printing, inspired by reproduction, paper material, wood and the smell of inks. Her works combine oil painting, acrylic, pastel, watercolour and collages of various materials, on either canvas or board, as she explores a range of colour palettes and formats. Veronique’s work combines precision, rigour and attention to detail, creating calming compositions full of texture.


Her printmaking heritage has provided her with the skills to cleverly and seemingly seamlessly blend together, print, photography, collage and painting, capturing her subject in the middle of a moment of grace and extreme emotion. Her thought provoking paintings touch on the most universal of themes, man, his solitude, his happiness, his melancholy. Her figurative semi-abstract; dreamlike paintings, deliver the viewer a delicate world full of sweetness and emotion in pastel shades with romantic allures.