Dion Salvador Lloyd

Dion Salvador Lloyd is a contemporary British painter, known predominantly for his landscapes. All around him in his home and his studio are scattered remnants and objects collected from places he has been and journeys he has taken, sources of inspiration and insights into his nature. Dion is drawn to the history of natural things, their stories and mysteries. He is driven by this connection with the world around him, using painting as a way of telling us who he is, expressing those elusive things that can’t be put into words.

His own story starts in 1967 in Brighton, England. Given a name made-for-remembering by his father, a sculptor and vintage car collector, Dion worked for years in London hotels until a fire in his flat destroyed all he owned and he was forced to start again with a blank canvas, taking the opportunity to travel Europe for 6 months and reassess his life. Dion has always had a unique sensitivity and sensory connection with the world around him, obsessed with music and the emotional journeys and emotive responses it triggered within him, but it wasn’t until this point, on a beach in Turkey, that he realised these were the key ingredients for a career as an artist.