At Bils & Rye we are very keen to match clients with artists and often this can involve fairly high value items. We are happy to offer spread payments for items over £200. Each case in decided on an individual basis and for local clients we offer a free delivery service.


For more distant clients, the items will be dispatched once the entire balance is settled.



Dion Salvador Lloyd - Autumn - £4400

Deposit - £440

9 further instalments of £440


You get to take the painting away after the deposit and agreeing the terms of the financing. We just ask you to remember, we and the artists we work with, are small businesses so prompt and full payments are very important every month! We hope to have the Own Art scheme in place for 2020 at the latest.


Interest Free Credit!

Please feel free to ask about the scheme, which runs in a similar vein to the Own Art scheme.