Our Harrogate contemporary art gallery exhibits eye-catching Ceramics, Sculptures and Paintings. We leave pretentions at the doorstep and welcome all lovers of art, no matter what level of knowledge you may have. But, above all, we encourage you to discuss the art we have in our collection.  There is a definite hands-on policy where we encourage visitors to explore the tactile works with hands as well as eyes!


Got a question? Ask our expert team who make the gallery the friendly and professional place it is. Our knowledge about each artist is extensive. This is because we tour the country and spend time getting to know the individuals behind the work. As a result of this, we prioritise personal investigation and individual narratives with a mission to create connections between art and collectors alike.  


We talk, we deliberate and together we examine the methods employed by each artist to create their unique piece. We examine the context of the artists within contemporary culture and we even discuss the artists' likes, environment and lifestyle. By taking a more relaxed, hands-on approach, we simply help you fall in love with the art you admire. 




We are proud of our relaxed and welcoming gallery where you can expect to enjoy a wide variety of art. Our gallery is a space where anyone can purchase a piece of art, as an investment or simply because you love it. Our mission is simple; to connect passionate art buyers with quality pieces in an unpretentious and friendly way. 


We have developed a professional and friendly reputation as a result of a comfortable, straight-forward approach with clients on every level. Our dedicated team work hard to ensure that the art you invest in is perfect for your home or workspace. 


Therefore, we offer home trials, allowing you to take the piece away to see how it looks in your space. And with our 28-day free returns policy, site visits with expert advice and our partnership with Art Money, we make art truly accessible for everyone. 


It really doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have, there’s no need to know everything (or indeed anything) about art.  Through conversation and careful curation, we hope to improve on and impart our growing knowledge of modern ceramics, sculpture and paintings in an informal way.


Get in touch today or pop along to our gallery and speak to a member of our team. We can’t wait to meet you. 


We are delighted to have been invited to appear in the Interiors Index by the World of Interiors Magazine.

As featured in The List by House & Garden Magazine.

Nick Bentley

Having had a varied career taking me from air traffic control to event management, project management to catering. Whilst there has been no formal art education, a keen interest and an extensive travel history have taken me to many locations across the globe. Whilst traveling, I take time to visit both formal art galleries along with commercial sites viewing master artists' works and comparing them to local emerging talents.


Since opening the gallery in 2013, his emphasis has been on the quality of the offering. To ensure this, he travels the UK extensively, visiting artists in their studios and learning more about their techniques, history and environment, to get a better understanding of their direction.


Selecting work directly from the artist guarantees that the highest quality sculptures, ceramics and paintings arrive at the gallery. 


Nick's main passions are sculpture and ceramics in the art world, wine and sport outside of it! 



Unit 4, Regent House
John Street
Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 1JX
United Kingdom


SATURDAY: 10:00 - 17:00

SUNDAY: 11:00 - 15:00

PLEASE CALL 01423564777 (24 HOURS)

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Unit 4, Regent House
John Street
Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 1JX
United Kingdom
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