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    Bronze Sculpture

    Damon came on our radar a few years ago with some really well-considered sculptures that were influenced by his years as a set designer and prop maker for the film industry. A few years on and Damon has been exceptionally busy, not just on a new body of work but now having built his own foundry.


    The first piece Damon made 'Winter's Robin' sold very quickly and there is firm interest in pieces two and three! Fractured was the third to be completed, and my absolute favourite sculpture yet. It will soon be joined by the Male version, an immensely striking duo of sculptures.


    So positive has the reaction been, we have arranged for a joint show with Jamel Akib for 2020. With Damon's amazing talent for capturing life in 3d perfectly complemented by Jamel's mastery of colour and motion in 2d. We can't wait!

    Damon Price